A little about us

Lets start from the beginning. Back in 2009 our founder rescued their first dog, he was 2 years old and had one of the most gut wrenching back stories that none of us want to hear when learning about a dogs life and was passed around shelters for months before ending up in her city. He joined her family and in no time at all he was trusted to play with people of all ages - even offering himself up as a pillow when the humans wanted a break, and was the sweetest and most well behaved "good boy" in no time (especially if you had treats!).

Fast forward to 2019, our founder has volunteered at rescues, and donated when possible, but it never felt like enough. So she merged her video gaming hobby with streaming and donates 100% of those proceeds to shelters. That STILL was not enough. 

So here we are today, creating special handmade items that we have tested and love making! Now we are able to donate even more and hopefully make a difference for the animals waiting for their "furever" homes.


Thank you for being here and have the piece of mind that with your purchase, you are helping animals in need. 

The dog mentioned above? Well you guessed it! That is our very own Director Of Giving (D.O.G), Mr. Jake! He is now 14 years old and still working tirelessly to remind everyone that there's no such thing as a "bad" dog.