Our Story

J Milligan was recruited from Sesame Street to found Toca TV for Toca Boca in New York.  Starting with the brief to launch an SVOD platform under the Toca Boca brand, he built the team and studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn.  

In addition to the platform itself, Milligan was tasked with bringing Toca Boca into Original Content production.  Recruiting Dave Glauber as Director of Content, also from Sesame, and with the addition of Cassandra Berger as Animation and Art Director, formerly of Little Airplane Productions, the Toca TV content team created over a dozen properties for the platform.

With the dissolution of the Toca TV platform and studio, J, Dave and Cass decided to continue the work of creating hilarious, ridiculous, wonderful shows for kids under their own banner. Acquiring much of the slate they developed from Toca Boca, the trio formed Lanky Co and are picking up right where they left off, pitching the shows they created over the past 2 years to streaming platforms, broadcasters and other channels as full-length seasons of original content, as well as working with great clients to develop new projects.

Lanky Co is poised to quickly establish itself as the new studio for high-quality kids programming, play and learning.  With a dream-team of pedigreed founding partners and a portfolio of properties, clients and partners, Lanky is ready for any kids' project.